Do you know what the best way is to get inspiration for your dropshipping store in 2022?

Yes! Looking at awesome dropshipping store examples. This way, you will find a lot of “that looks great” or “I want something like that!”

This could be anything from design, products or even their pricing. Just don’t copy everything!

What is dropshipping and why do people do it?

Let’s start by understanding what starting a dropshipping business means.

If you already understand it, then you can click here to scroll down to the first dropshipping store example!

If not, I will explain it really simply to you:

  1. You’ve got an online store where you sell products, but you don’t have any of these products in storage or in your house.
  2. When someone places an order on your dropshipping store, then you place that same order directly with your dropshipping supplier. Don’t worry. There are a lot of apps out there that help you with automating this. For example, Oberlo, or these 15 Oberlo alternatives.
  3. Then, your dropshipping supplier will handle the rest. Think about preparing the package and sending the order straight to your customer.
  4. Now your customer will receive the package straight from your dropshipping supplier, and you never touched the product in between!

To make it even more clear, here is an infographic of ours that does a great job of explaining the concept of dropshipping:

The dropship model - Infographic

The most common question people have now is: won’t my customer know that the package didn’t come from me?

For example, aren’t there any advertisements or recipes from the supplier in the package?


You just need to make sure that your supplier accepts dropshipping and blind dropshipping.

How to Process Your AliExpress Dropshipping Orders? Don't forget to put this note in Oberlo to start Blind Dropshipping!

You can learn more about blind dropshipping by reading this article here.

Alright, but why are people interested in dropshipping? And why do people want to dropship?

Most people that are researching dropshipping and want to start/are running a dropshipping store do this for one or more of these reasons:

  • Earning more money. If done right, dropshipping could earn you a lot. Just take a look at these success stories.
  • Being their own boss. Some people don’t like to work for a boss, so they search for other ways to earn an income.
  • Location-independent work. A dropshipping store can be run from just about anywhere with an internet connection. As long as you can communicate with suppliers and customers easily, you can run and manage your business. This is also called being a Digital Nomad.

If you’re interested in learning more about dropshipping, then I suggest reading this article written by me:

Dropshipping for Beginners: What Is It & How to Start Today?

Why is looking at dropshipping store examples important?

learn why looking at dropshipping store examples is important

One word? Inspiration!

This is great if you’re just starting and have no idea how your dropshipping store is supposed to look.

You can learn a lot from dropshipping stores that are getting a lot of traffic. Definitely from those that are still advertising at this moment.

Do you know why?

Well, would anyone still advertise their store that’s been up for a while if they are not profitable?

Exactly… No!

Also, if you interested in learning how to create a unique dropshipping store, then I suggest reading the article below:

Unique Dropshipping Store: 11 Amazing Tips to Create One

The list of 23 Shopify dropshipping store examples

So, are you ready for some dropshipping store examples?

Below you will find a whole list of examples! But don’t worry, I won’t just post a few links to some stores and call it a day.

I’ll give you some things to look at for every dropshipping store on the list.

You will surely get a lot of inspiration for your dropshipping store.

Let’s go!

1. Inspire Uplift

Shopify dropshipping store examples: Inspire Uplift
Screenshot of their homepage

Inspire Uplift Update: Inspire Uplift recently switched from Shopify to Magento, but they are still a great dropshipping store to get inspiration from!

Inspire Uplift is a great example of a general dropshipping store. They have been in business for a long time! Plus, they are getting a ton of traffic each month. Just take a look at this screenshot from SimilarWeb:

Traffic from Inspire Uplift

Some things you can look at here:

  • Social Media. Just look at their social media profiles and see how much of a following they have there. You can surely learn something here.
  • Their Help Center. Do you see how easily you can find the answer to a question you might have?
  • Their YouTube channel. They are currently working on their YouTube channel (they also use some of these videos on their product pages). Just take a look at this screenshot below:

2. Bluecrate

Shopify dropshipping store example: Bluecrate
Screenshot of their homepage

Let’s continue this list with a personalized dropshipping store called Bluecrate. This store definitely has a ton of traffic (and orders) because of their great Facebook advertisement videos.

At first they were more a general store, but now they are more focused on personalized products:

Example of personalised gifts on Bluecrate
You can find this page here

Some things I suggest you look at:

  • Their Facebook videos. Just take a look at their Facebook page and see their great self-made videos. They also post their videos on larger pages, like here.
  • Product Images. Look at their awesome self-made product images. Doesn’t it look so much better than the product images that you can get from your dropshipping supplier?

3. Meowingtons

Shopify dropshipping store examples: Meowingtons
Screenshot of their homepage

Next up is the cat store called Meowingtons. This is an excellent example of a branded dropshipping niche store.

I suggest watching the video below to learn why Meowingtons is such a great example:


Shopify dropshipping store examples: HYGO Shop
Screenshot of their homepage

HYGO. This is another great example of a general dropshipping store. Which is probably from the same company as this Facebook page.

If you scroll down on that Facebook page, you can see that they share a lot of product videos of that dropshipping store.

Some things to look at on this store:

  • Product Reviews. Look how they have product reviews, with pictures, on their product pages. Looks much better than just written reviews or no reviews at all, right?
You can find this product here
  • Frequently bought together. A great way to boost your average order value is by showing products that are usually bought together in the hopes that your visitors purchase more than the product that they got advertised to. (You might recognize that from Amazon: ‘Customers who viewed this item also viewed’.)

    Here’s an example of how HYGO is doing this:
They add this at the end of each product page

Do you want to create your own successful Shopify dropshipping store? Then you’re in luck! I’ve got a complete Shopify dropshipping guide that will guide you step-by-step (20 steps!) on creating your own dropshipping store. It’s like a dropshipping course, but for free! If you want to learn more, then click here now!

5. Mooshe Socks

Shopify dropshipping store examples: Mooshe Socks
Screenshot of their homepage

Mooshe Socks. A great example of a niche dropshipping store!

Can you guess the niche?

Exactly, socks!

I suggest watching the video below to learn why this dropshipping store is doing so great:

6. Gadgetox

Shopify dropshipping store examples: Gadgetox
Screenshot of their homepage

Gadgetox. Yes, as you might have guessed by the name, this is a gadget dropshipping store.

Some things you could look at on this store:

  • Product Descriptions. Again, some inspiration on how you can make your product descriptions different than the rest. Like that readable font in combination with these product images.
  • Money Saved. They show their visitors on the collection pages and on the product pages how much they will save if they buy the product now.

7. Dog Pawty

Shopify dropshipping store examples: Dog Pawty
Screenshot of their homepage

Dog Pawty. This is a dropshipping niche store. I think you can guess already what kind of niche they are in, right?

Yes, that’s right! The dog niche.

Some things you can look at here:

  • Their Social Media profiles. Look at their Facebook and Instagram pages. There must be a reason why they have more than 300,000 likes on their Facebook page.
  • Color Selecting. This kind of color selecting looks better than having a button with “blue” or “green” on it, right?
You can view the product here
  • Blog. Look at their blog. This is a great idea when you have a niche store. You will have a great chance to get free traffic (SEO) and keep your visitors on your dropshipping store.

8. Wikipedeals

Shopify dropshipping store examples: Wikipedeals
Screenshot of their homepage

Another dropshipping store example is Wikipedeals. Eye-catching home page, right?

If you look at their “All products” page, you will see that they are mostly a general store. They’ve got a lot of different products.

Some things you can look at on this store:

  • GIFs in Product Descriptions. Look at their product descriptions. Do you see how every product has its own GIF explaining the product?
  • Their Product Descriptions. Do you see that it’s much easier to read than the product description from your supplier(s)? Also, they split it up into three sections. This is something that you will either love or hate. So, make this decision for yourself or split test it to see what your target audience likes more!
  • Quick Shop. Some people like this and some people don’t, but it’s still great to see as an inspiration! Look at their “All products” page, and you will see the button when you hover your mouse over a product. If you press it, then you will see this:
  • Currency Converter. They automatically convert the currency to the currency of the visitor. A few bad things though: I can’t seem to find where I can edit it manually, and the rounding is a bit weird. If you’re going to use a currency converter, please make sure you round correctly! So you don’t end up with something like €11.04.

9. Trendy Goods

Homepage of Trendy Goods
Screenshot of their homepage

You’re going to love the next dropshipping store. Their store design is something you probably haven’t seen before.

Their store is called Trendy Goods. They’ve got all kinds of different trending products that are being hyped up with Facebook Ads.

Some things that you can look at on this store:

  • Their design. This one is obvious, but go to their site and browse through it. Like clicking to one of their product pages. It looks so different than most dropshipping stores, right?
  • Awesome product page. They’ve got everything. From clear product images to a video explaining the product. (More about video marketing here.) They’ve even got an “Overview” section with a bullet point list that includes the most important product features. You can see an example below:
Product example from the dropshipping store Trendy Goods
You can find this product here
  • Product sorting on the homepage. Do you see the little icons on my screenshot of their homepage? These are buttons that you can click on. If you click on them, it will show products that are related to that category.

10. Life Booster Shop

Shopify dropshipping store example: Life Booster Shop
Screenshot of their homepage

Next up in this list is the Life Booster Shop.

If you go to their homepage, you can clearly see that this is a general store.

They sell all kinds of different products.

Some things you can look at on this dropshipping store:

  • Their product page. Some of these dropshipping stores on this list have unique product pages that you don’t see on “normal” dropshipping stores. See, for example, the screenshot below of one of their product pages.
You can find this product here
  • Their design. Take a look at their logo and the colors they use in their store. Looks nice, right? Also, their homepage doesn’t look bad either!
  • Review page. They had a review page available on their store; currently, it’s offline. A review page shows all the reviews of your store. (Click here to learn how to create one.) Do you know what the great thing is about having a page like this (besides building more trust)?

    It has a chance to rank on search engines (like Google) when people search for “your store name” + reviews. Just take a look at the image below:

11. Mini Smart World

Screenshot of Mini Smart World's homepage
Screenshot of their homepage

The next dropshipping store example on this list is called Mini Smart World.

It looks like it’s a general store, but they do have a lot of products in the gadgets / electronics niche.

Here are a few things that you can look at:

  • Social Proof. You can see on their homepage that social proof is important for them. It’s great to have some proof on your dropshipping store that other people are shopping there as well! Just take a look at my screenshots below.
  • Their color use. This is the same as with the store above; do you see how well all the colors on their store match together, and that they don’t “introduce” too many new colors? (If you don’t know what I mean: for example, everything is purple and black, but suddenly, out of nowhere, the add the cart button is brown. That probably doesn’t fit well!)
Product example on Mini Smart World
You can find this product here
  • Product page. Take a look at their product page and see how good it looks! Just take a look at my screenshot above. Everything looks clean and well placed, right?

12. Cats on Catnip

Shopify dropshipping store example: Cats on Catnip
Screenshot of their homepage

The next dropshipping store example on this list is called Cats on Catnip, and I think that you can already guess which niche that they are selling in, haha!

This one looks like a professional store. They’ve even got almost 200,000 followers on Instagram!

You can find their Instagram page here

Here are some things that you can look at:

  • Their design. I was second-guessing at first if they were even dropshipping at all. Their design doesn’t look like the normal dropshipping store design! It looks great, right?
  • They’ve got a mission. They are building a real brand here. Just take a look at what you can find at the bottom of their product pages:

13. Notebook Therapy

Screenshot of the homepage from Notebook Therapy
Screenshot of their homepage

Let’s continue this example list with the dropshipping store called Notebook Therapy.

I’m not going to lie, this store looks so good that I’m still second-guessing if they are dropshipping or not.

Their design is so different than the usual dropshipping stores out there, but like most dropshipping stores, their shipping policy tells me that they are dropshipping:


Here are some things that you can look at:

  • Design. Well, I guess this one is obvious! Just go to their site and click around. Take a look at everything, from their menu bar to their color design. Looks awesome, right?
  • Social Media. Take a look at their Social Media profiles. For example, their Instagram page has got 1 million followers! Plus, they’ve currently got 2.5 million monthly views on Pinterest. (Click here to see their Pinterest profile.)
You can find their Instagram page here
  • Influencers. Take a look at this page here to get some inspiration on how to create a page that says that you want to work together with influencers.

14. GeniaMania

Shopify dropshipping store example: GeniaMania - Screenshot of their homepage
Screenshot of their homepage

Next up is a dropshipping store called GeniaMania. And I guess by looking at the homepage you already know what kind of store they are.

Correct! A general dropshipping store.

Here are some things that you can look at:

  • Their homepage. I mean come on… Doesn’t that look more appealing and different than most of the homepages of other dropshipping stores?
  • Their Pinterest account. They are currently getting around 10 million views on their Pinterest pins. Yes, these also include pins from other people, but still, 10 million! (Click here to see their Pinterest profile.)

    Plus, as you will see below, SimilarWeb says that Pinterest is around 60% of their total traffic!

    If you’re interested in using Pinterest for your own dropshipping store as well, then check out this article here. It goes over both paid and free options to advertise your store on Pinterest.
You can find their Pinterest page here
Source: Similarweb
  • They are bidding on their own name. They are using Google Ads to make sure that their site name is on top of Google. (You can click here to learn why you should bid on branded terms.)

15. Warmly

Shopify dropshipping store example: Warmly - Screenshot of their homepage
Screenshot of their homepage

Let’s continue this list with the awesome store from Warmly.

As you can see in the screenshot of their homepage above, these are not your typical dropshipping products. They are mainly selling lighting products and home accessories.

Have you ever seen a dropshipping store in this niche? I don’t think so.

Well, before you think this is a niche that won’t get any traffic, here is a screenshot from SimilarWeb:

Here are some things that you can look at:

  • Their niche. As I said above, have you ever thought about this niche to dropship products in? I don’t think so. This is why it’s great to think outside the box! Don’t just think about pets, fitness, gadgets and so on.
  • Their Pinterest account. The same as with the dropshipping store above, their main traffic source is Pinterest. (Click here to see their Pinterest profile.) Just take a look at the screenshots below:
You can find their Pinterest page here
Source: SimilarWeb

16. Bestsellrz

Shopify dropshipping store example: Bestsellrz - Screenshot of their homepage
Screenshot of their homepage

Next up is the dropshipping store from Bestsellrz. I think you can guess this already, but this is a general dropshipping store. They sell all kinds of products, as you will see below.

Their store traffic has been declining a lot these past months, but they had a lot of traffic before:

Here are some things that you can look at:

  • Track your order page. Take a look at the screenshot below to see how much more information they added to their ‘Track Your Order’ page:
You can find their track your order page here
  • Their homepage. Take a look at their homepage, and you will see why I mentioned it here. For example, they added a few awesome looking pictures to showcase their collections on their homepage:

17. 5econds

Shopify dropshipping store example: 5econds - Screenshot of their homepage
Screenshot of their homepage

Let’s continue this list with a dropshipping store called 5econds.

This is a general store that has been blowing up the past few months. Just take a look at this screenshot from SimilarWeb:

As you can see, in February they didn’t have any traffic yet, but you will see below that they had already had traffic before that, but SimilarWeb didn’t track it.

Here are some things that you can look at:

  • Their products. They obviously have a few winning products there. Just take a look at what Sell The Trend says with their newest tool, ‘Store Intelligence’:
  • Scam or not page. They created a page dedicated to the keyword ‘5econds scam’. I didn’t see a page like this before, but they go really in-depth to prove that they aren’t a scam.
  • They even added screenshots from their Google Analytics and Klaviyo (email marketing) accounts. Let me know if you think this is a great idea or if you think it’s weird that they added this.

18. LED Plug

Screenshot of the homepage from Led Plug
Screenshot of their homepage

Next up is a dropshipping store that is focused, and you might have guessed it already, on LED strip lights. They are called Led Plug.

Here’s how big the store currently is according to their Flippa page:

Here are some things that you can look at:

The Instagram account from Led Plug
Do you see what they did? They are reposting content that have these strip lights in them.
  • Awesome reviews. Take a look at their reviews below that contain pictures that showcase their product, and tell me if that looks good or not:
Reviews from Led Plug

19. Ever Bloom Baby

Screenshot of the homepage from Ever Bloom Baby
Screenshot of their homepage

Let’s continue this list with a niche dropshipping store called Ever Bloom Baby.

Can you guess from the name and homepage what niche they are in?

Exactly, the baby niche!

Here’s how big the store currently is according to their Flippa page:

Here are some things that you can look at:

  • Buy now, pay later. Look at this on their homepage; they are offering a ‘buy now, pay later’ payment method with Sezzle:
Buy now pay later with sezzle, from the homepage of Ever Bloom Baby
  • Earn rewards. They’ve set up a reward system to reward their customers for completing certain tasks. For example, sharing on Facebook, following their account on Instagram, and much more. You can find their reward page here.
Their earn rewards explanation on their homepage

20. Dude Gadgets

Shopify dropshipping store examples: Dude Gadgets
Screenshot of their homepage

The next dropshipping store example on this list is a general store named Dude Gadgets.

Some things to look at:

  • Quick view. Just look at their collection page. This is a great idea to have in your own dropshipping store (if you want to). It makes it easier for their visitors to view a product they like (or don’t like…).
  • Support button. Scroll to the bottom. Do you see that big green support button? Have you ever seen that before?

21. Shopepie

Shopify dropshipping store example: Shopepie

I think you can already guess what the niche of the next dropshipping store example is going to be.

Correct! Fashion, but they do sell some unrelated products, like coffee filters…

Their store is called Shopepie.

Some things you can look at here:

  • Their product page. Again, this product page looks so different than most dropshipping stores out there. See, for example, the screenshot below.
  • Loading animation. When the store loads, it will display a little loading animation. You either like this or totally hate it, but I included it because I hadn’t see it in any of the dropshipping store examples above.

22. Shopolis

Update: Shopolis is currently offline. I will keep their notes below because you will surely learn something.

Also, you will find a screenshot below from their Trustpilot reviews. They’ve got 98% bad reviews; wow!

If you want to start a dropshipping store, please take this as a motivation that you need to take care of your customers!

Make sure that your customer service is on point and that you know what to do with your refunds and returns.

Shopolis. This is (was) another popular general dropshipping store.

Shopify dropshipping store examples: Shopolis
Screenshot of their homepage

Some things that you can look at on this dropshipping store:

  • Their SEO. Just look at this example below on how well they are ranking at Google with their color hair wax. They are currently, in my country, ranking number two for a keyword that is predicted to have around 40,500 searches per month!
  • Theme design. Do you see how different this looks (and better) then all these dropshipping stores that use a standard Shopify theme? If you want to be different with your theme, then I suggest reading my other article here. That article contains the ten best Shopify dropshipping themes.
  • Their Facebook page. Even though their last post, while writing this, was in June 2018. I still think you can learn a lot by scrolling through their feed. Look, for example, at the video of their Color Hair Wax.

23. Treasure Fan

Shopify dropshipping store examples: Treasure Fan
Screenshot of their homepage

Update: Treasure Fan is currently offline. I will keep their notes below because you will surely learn something.

The next dropshipping store example is going to be a real “treasure.”

Get it?

Well… The store is called Treasure Fan.

They sell a lot of different products, but if you scroll down to their reviews, you will see a lot of reviews with rings and bracelets.

Here are some things that you can look at on this store:

  • Their Support page. Look how easy it is for a customer to find the answer to their question(s).
  • Review page. They also have a review page. Look at all their happy customers!
  • Their Facebook page. Just scroll a bit through their Facebook page, and you will surely learn something. They’ve almost got 50,000 likes! Look, for example, at their contest post. Do you see how many people commented on that post with their answers? Do you also see that they put a shopping link in the post description? Awesome, right? (Their Facebook page is currently offline as well)

What big stores use or have used dropshipping?

If you’re thinking now, Those dropshipping stores look great, but what about bigger ecommerce stores; do they also use dropshipping?

If that’s you, then I have the perfect article for you to read next!

This article will contain nine ecommerce stores that started with or are currently still using dropshipping as their fulfillment method.

Here’s one example already: Wayfair.

Homepage of Wayfair

By looking at these successful stores, you can analyze how they designed the store, where they get traffic from, how their purchase process looks like, and much more!

Even more so, if you are starting to doubt the concept of dropshipping, you should take a look at some of these biggest ecommerce stores that use dropshipping as their fulfillment method to get some motivation on how big your dropshipping business can become!

Curious now? Check out the article by clicking the link below:

9 Ecommerce Stores That Started With or Use Dropshipping

How do you find successful Shopify dropshipping stores?

If you’re now thinking something like, Well… 23 examples, that’s a lot, but that’s definitely not enough for me.

Then don’t worry!

I’ve got two great tips for you to find other Shopify dropshipping stores.

1. Sell The Trend

Screenshot from their Shopify store explorer with the “Dropshipping Stores” filter on

The first tip is using the product research tool called Sell The Trend.

This tool is awesome in finding other dropshipping stores out there. I used it to find most of the dropshipping store examples on this list!

And not only that, it’s made to find your next winning product in seconds thanks to all the different tools inside Sell The Trend, like their Nexus:

Here’s an example of a product; do you see how much data they collect:

Example of a product in the Nexus

If you’re interested now in Sell The Trend, then you can click here to read my in-depth review of Sell The Trend. I’ve updated that review with their latest changes in 2022!

Or you can click here to get their free 7-day trial! Not good enough for you? No worries, you can cancel it anytime (even before you start paying)!

2. 5 More ways to find other dropshipping stores

How to Find Other Dropshipping Stores in 2022? 5 Amazing Tips!

Are you interested in learning more ways to find other dropshipping stores?


I wrote another great article that contains five more ways to find dropshipping stores. I’ll cover methods like how to use, Google, and Facebook to find other dropshipping stores!

I’ll even guide you on how to see if a store is dropshipping or not. If you’re interested in learning more, I suggest reading the article that I’ve linked below:

How to Find Other Dropshipping Stores? (5 Amazing Tips)

Other examples for your dropshipping store

Do you want more examples for your dropshipping store?

Then don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with some awesome example articles!

And you can find even more articles that will inspire you right here.

Awesome, right?


So, there you have it! 23 awesome dropshipping store examples.

I hope you have some great inspiration now to make your own dropshipping store even better than it already was!

If you’ve got any more awesome (Shopify) dropshipping stores for this example list, or if you have any questions regarding dropshipping, then let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the “Contact Us” button at the top!

Good luck with your dropshipping store!

Do you want to learn more? Here are my recommendations!

Are you currently dropshipping? Or do you want to start dropshipping?

Awesome! I’ll link the articles below that I recommend you read next.

This way, you will be fully prepared to take your dropshipping store to the next level in 2022:

Also, if you haven’t created a Shopify account yet (to get your dropshipping store online), then you can click here to get a free 14-day trial!


My name is Richard, and I created Do Dropshipping after I saw so many paid dropshipping courses popping up. The goal of Do Dropshipping is to put these “gurus” out of business by giving everyone access to the information that they need to start their own dropshipping business today. No more paid dropshipping courses!


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    • Hi, thanks for your comment!

      Yes, that’s correct! That’s why I added ‘Updated’ before I started talking about Shopolis. I also explained there why I still kept it on the list for now.

      Plus, their Facebook page (here) is still there, which you can still get some inspiration from.

      Good luck with everything, and let me know if you ever have any questions!

  4. I like the Lifebooster website for its simple layout and optimzed and fast mobile design. I couldn’t tell which theme it uses. Can you tell with your experience? Thanks.

  5. I must say, This is a very informative blog and helps me to get new ideas and inspiration from these great looking sites that he mentioned in this blog for building new ecommerce brands on Shopify


    • I just want to know, why do these never include the business wayfare? They earn billions

      • Hi Noah,

        Thank you for your comment! That’s a great point; the main reason Wayfair is not on this list is that this list mainly contains Shopify stores, and Wayfair doesn’t use Shopify as far as I know.

        However, since what you said sounds like a great way to show that dropshipping isn’t only used by small Shopify stores (I mean, small in comparison to stores like Wayfair), we plan on creating a new article where we will cover bigger ecommerce stores that use dropshipping or have used dropshipping in the past (for example, Gymshark started with dropshipping).

        I wish you the best with everything!
        – Richard

  6. The fact that many of these “most successful” dropshipping stores are either closed or broken is a testament of the current state of affairs in dropshipping.

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your comment! I don’t get that many comments from people who are negative about dropshipping, but it’s always great to hear different opinions!

      Alright, so regarding your comment, I counted them again and currently only 3 out of the 21 store examples are offline, which is around 14%. I kept them there because there are still a few things to be learned from them (for example, how not to treat your customers).

      But for you this means dropshipping is not good anymore? Or what is your point here?

      I’m looking forward to hearing from you!
      – Richard

  7. Hi Richard. I wasn’t trying to be negative, only realistic. You mention offline stores but have you seen “dude gadgets”? It’s totally broken surely abandoned. You can’t even browse their products anymore.

    I don’t think dropshipping in good or bad terms. I’m starting a site myself. I just think many drop shippers are really struggling. Probably some were deluded thinking that pushing random products to their sites will make them money. Others might have done everything right but the economy doesn’t help.

    Dropshipping is a sound business and can work, but it seems to me the are more failures than success stories.

    I think you are doing everyone a great service with your suggestions and guides, but personally i would add that people should really do what they are passionate about. Selling dentistry equipment just because you think it will sell its a recipe for failure.

    • Hi,

      Great point about Dude Gadgets! You got me there, I forgot about them. The thing that you do need to understand here is that I keep updating this article (I think it started with only 12 examples). Plus, I’m sure that there are more dropshipping stores out there that I don’t know about yet.

      I definitely understand your opinion, that’s why I created this blog. This blog is all about trying to change people’s mindset from “I’m going to get rich fast” to “Wow, this is a real business!” Did you check out the about page already?

      Also, you can take a look at this article here and you will see what I mean.

      I would love to chat further if you want, you know where to contact me 😊

      I wish you the best with everything man!
      – Richard

  8. Very well structured and insightful article!

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

  9. Jeff Asamoah Reply

    Great work Richard and his team. Providing us knowledge seekers with Free and great content which the Gurus continue to sell to us.

    I helped my wife start a Shopify store but its a long term thing and potentially branding. W decided on purchasing and holding stock as the challenge on shipping times were not favourable. We hopefully go live in a few weeks once all our stock arrives. These are products she knows a lot about and passionate about to do with children.

    I am here because I want to dropship exclusively on my next store and I found your content very useful. Particularly the part about local supplier. I see alot of these Youtube ads with people selling 3k courses to teach you how to dropship using local suppliers here in the UK.

    Glad I found your stuff. I have a product I want to dropship and the hardest part is logistics. I am yet to find a good supplier with decent shipping times for UK.

    ‘In order for the human race to evolve we must help each other’ – Sadly only a few have cracked the code.

    Thank you for the great work! – Keep it up.


    • Hi Jeff,

      Thank you so much for your amazing comment! It’s so great to hear that you found the content useful 😊

      Great news regarding your problem; we have an article scheduled (next week) containing UK dropshipping suppliers. I hope it will be useful for you!

      Update: The article with UK suppliers is published, you can find it here.

      I want to wish you the best with everything, and let me know if you ever have any questions!
      – Richard

  10. Roland Pierre Louis Reply

    Hi Richard,
    I just want to congratulate you for your great work and good willing to share what you know with others ! You’re AWESOME Richard ! I find your site today and I will bookmark it, you share pretty interesting stuffs about Dropshipping. Good work !

    • Hi Roland,

      Thank you so much for your amazing comment! Comments like yours keep us motivated to keep publishing new (and hopefully awesome) articles 😊

      I wish you the best with everything, and don’t forget to reach out to us if you ever have any questions!
      – Richard

  11. Aaron Morrison Reply

    Just wow!!! What great work! This is better than any course I’ve taken I paid hundreds for… hands down. Best thing is this is actually up to date. You’re so right about these gurus. You’re doing such a service. Keep it up, goodman!

    • Hi Aaron,

      Thank you so much for your amazing comment! That’s so great to hear 😊

      Good luck with everything that you’re going to do, and let us know if you ever have any questions!
      – Richard

  12. Mate I never comment on sites or anything for that matter but after reading this just had to comment and say how much I greatly appreciate this article because everyone is out there with abit of information wants to start charging when it literally should be free for everyone.
    So thank you brother

    • Hi Ahmed,

      Thank you so much for your great comment! That was amazing to read 😊

      Good luck with everything!
      – Richard

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